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den 26 september 2018
den 15 oktober 2018
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Thesis project at Scania is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project.


Scania is currently undergoing an exciting transformation from a traditional truck manufacturer to a provider of complete sustainable transport solutions. IT is a crucial part of this transformation as Scania’s success is depending on flexible and efficient IT solutions that support current and future business requirements.

At Scania Maintenance we work with a new system solution that creates and optimizes individual maintenance plans based on real-time data from the truck to tailor the plans according to each customer’s specific needs. The team is responsible for implementation of the product in Scania’s markets and for supporting the implemented markets. The support team are currently supporting around 30 markets globally. This creates demands for effective support tools including for example customer interaction and information visualisation.


Chatbots are gaining increasing attention today as artificial intelligence are developing rapidly. Chatbots enables a very high speed customer interaction 24/7. The purpose of this project is to investigate how chatbots can be used in the support for Scania Maintenance in order visualise information and to help users with frequently asked questions.


During the project the student(s) shall:

  • investigate how Chatbots can be used in a support organization
  • investigate how Chatbots are implemented and maintained in a support organization
  • investigate how information should be structured and continually updated in the chatbot
  • develop a prototype of a Chatbot to illustrate the possibilities and usage of Chatbots within the organization

Education background: Master of Science in Engineering
Number of students: 2
Start date: Flexible
Estimated time needed: 6 months

Contact persons and supervisors

Frida Rawet, IT group manager Scania Maintenance +46 700 810 556, frida.rawet@scania.com


Enclose CV, personal letter and study certificates. 

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