Senior Frontend Developer

Stockholm (Län)
den 6 september 2018
den 6 oktober 2018

We are currently seeking an ambitious, highly motivated, creative and well-organized Frontend Developer to join our global startup, Brandzy, in Stockholm, Sweden. Brandzy was built as a response to crowdsourcing services, which are not adequately compensating and incentivising talented designers. Once a designer uploads their work in Brandzy's user-friendly design tool, we can immediately embed any user’s name in their logo.

Your job would be to continue to develop our Design Tool together with our team of 5 developers. The Design Tool is the heart of our business and enables us to embed any name in a pre-designed, handcrafted designer logo without the need for human interaction. 

As a full-time team member, you would be working to improve both the site and the Design Tool, while also being fully engaged with the whole team via daily standups.

Primary technologies

  • Angular 5
  • RxJS 5
  • Typescript 2.4
  • Konva.js 2.0

Secondary technologies

  • Angular CLI 1.6
  • Lodash 4.17
  • Bootstrap 4
  • SCSS
  • ng-bootstrap
  • GIT

Developer experience

  • Highly recommended to have an experience with HTML Canvas 2D
  • Working with Angular 2+ would be good
  • Experience with any modern SPA framework also acceptable

Project specification

  • This is a Single Page Application. Most of the features look like a WYSIWYG Image\Text Editor. Application provides functionality to manipulate 2D objects (images and texts) and customize their attributes - size, color, layer order etc. In another side, user has an ability to manage the interaction of objects in various positions.

No other big tech needed as we use Ruby on Rails API for that. Inside our Design Tool, there are several plugin angular plugins. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Speak soon!

The Brandzy Team

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