Master Thesis 30 Credits – Creating an Interactive Support Chatbot

den 4 september 2018
den 5 oktober 2018
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Thesis project at Scania is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project.


We’d like to welcome a new bee in IT industry and to be able to help us with a chatbot for our support section at Scania’s Contracted Service & Warranty department.

A simple example of the use case we have in mind is: If an user wants to change the status of a contract. My BOT should behave like this.

  • [User 1]:         Hello
  • [BOT:]            Hello User1. How can I help you?
  • [User 1]:         I want to change the status of a contract.
  • [BOT:]            Here you go. Refer to Ramas user admin manual under the heading status.
  • [User 1]:         Thanks.

The above can be improvised based on our approach and success factor.


The purpose of the thesis project is to investigate how chatbots can be used in the support area and find a suitable way of developing chatbots to help users with frequently asked questions.


What should be investigated in the thesis project:

To start with we can have an interactive chat bot that can be developed using any programming languages like C# / Phyton that could be hosted on a hosting server like AWS and make it available to our users to get answers for any support to user related questions.

Any additional ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

Education & Skill Requirements:

Specify education or specialisation: Information Technology, Computer Science
Number of students: 1-2
Start date: Spring Term 2019 ((VT19)
Estimated time needed: 6 months

Must have:

  • Graduation in Computer Science ( Computer Engineering)
  • Knowledge about any one of the following programming / Scripting languages:

C#,  Json, Phyton  & any chatbot tools like Microsoft BOT etc…

  • Knowledge about Web services specifically Rest based services.
  • Knowledge about databases like MYSQL or Sql server or MongoDB
  • Good at Analytical skills
  • Bring up ideas to create simple interactive text chat tool to start with or may be using advanced chat using NLP services for next level
  • Proactive thinker and self-driven (Think before you act)
  • Excellent communication skills both written and Spoken in English
  • Team worker & ability to work as a team

Good to have:

  • Knowledge about Hosting servers (To be able to host the BOT) / platform like AWS Lamda etc..
  • Solution providing capability for the use case / requirement

 Contact persons and supervisors:
Veronika Sladin, Group Manager at Scania Contracted Service & Warranty (IKCE), E-mail:

Arunkumar Krishnamurthy, Master Thesis Supervisor at Contracted Service & Warranty. E-mail:

Enrico Richiello, Scania IT-Recruitment Specialist. E-mail:

Your application should contain a covering letter, CV and transcripts.
Selections will be made throughout the application period.

Publication date from - until

2018-09-04 – 2018-10-04


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