Real Estate Manager, Stockholm, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Gävle or Enköping.

Stockholm, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Gävle or Enköping, Stockholm , Sweden
den 2 januari 2019
den 26 februari 2019
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CGI is a global IT business with 72,500 professionals in hundreds of locations worldwide and approximately 4000 professionals in Sweden in 30 locations. We are now looking for a Real Estate Manager for CGI Sweden, the position provides a good opportunity to work in an international Corporate team having an overseeing role in all lease transactions in the respective geography and serving the businesses in all real estate related issues from the start.

The role will allow the person gain exclusive experience in the field of real estate and be part of the dynamic, diverse team that aims to add value to the businesses by ways of right-timing lease transactions, space optimization and developing working environments

Position will allow the person to work independently in the geography for the benefit of the respective BU's and reporting to Corporate

We provide the selected person a vantage point over global IT company, access to CGI tools, selected partners and all the conditions of success.

Dina framtida arbetsuppgifter

Real Estate Manager is responsible for

a) Acquisition and Disposal of Real Estate:

• Leasing and letting, divestiture, ownership, due diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions and new business

b) Portfolio Management:

• Compliance tracking, RE keeps copies of key controls in its files (electronic and physical) for each transaction together with supporting documentation and management approval in support of each transaction

• Executes transactions on behalf of CGI and maintains all Landlord and broker communications (except for day-to-day operations concerning facilities management).

• Develop best practices and track KPIs

• Document retention, tracking of critical dates and performance ratios

• Prepares strategic plans, feasibility studies, undertakes BU need analyses

• Ensure that RE action is taken when required (i.e. surplus/insufficient space, change in market conditions etc.)

• Rent payment, collection

• Lease auditing

c)Management of Leasehold improvements

• Project management for construction, build-out/fit-up & restoration/make good

(Note: RE will always attempt to provide a full turnkey service to internal clients)

• Validate business needs and associated costs

• Cost Control, remain within scope of approved budget

• Supplier qualification

The position will be based in Stockholm, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Gävle or Enköping.

Kvalifikationer för att bli framgångsrik denna roll

Required qualifications as follows:

• Educational background in Administration, Real Estate or applicable fields of knowledge

• Work experience in Real Estate, Facilities or Finance, where person has succesfully applied the aforementioned areas of expertise

• Familiar with the many aspects of Real Estate / Facilities and/or related services, knowing the special characteristics of lease transactions and tenancy and/or service contracts

• Fluent in Swedish and English

Desired qualifications:

• Expertise in the financial aspects of real estate and familiriaty with the Corporate processes & reports
Personal charachteristics;

• We are looking for a person with good communication skills capable of working in a complex business environment transposing the Businesses' needs into Proposals and manage the Real Estate in a proactive manner providing the respective Businesses valid scenarios/options prior to lease ends.

Contact person and details: Heikki Ikonen

Utveckla din karriär hos oss.

Det är en extraordinär tid i vår bransch. Den digitala transformationen accelererar och CGI är i centrum för förändringarna - som hjälp för våra kunders digitala resor och med spännande karriärmöjligheter för våra medarbetare.

På CGI når vi framgång genom våra medarbetares talang och engagemang. Som ett team delar vi de utmaningar och belöningar som kommer genom att vi skapar ett växande företag, vilket stärker vår ägarskapskultur. Alla våra medarbetare drar nytta av det värde vi gemensamt skapar.

Var med och bygg ett av världens största oberoende tjänsteföretag inom IT och affärsprocesser.

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