30 credits - MBD (Model Based Definition) for purchasing an external suppliers

Sodertalje, Stockholm
den 8 maj 2019
den 2 juni 2019
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Scania faces many exciting challenges in terms of digitisation within our integrated product realization process. The development of working methods as a model-based product description (drawing-less) enables more efficient working methods with shorter lead times and reduced quality shortage costs and supports a simulation-based product development and collaboration externally.

Today we have waste of double work. We collaborate and develop our products internally with models in 3D but continue to create CAD drawings to buy parts, collaborate internally and externally. Drawings have historically been used for far more than 200 years to describe our products, but with modern methods and computers we currently use primarily 3D internally at R&D - but we still continue to also create documents and 2D drawings with administrative updating as a result and with a risk of errors with diverging data (Drawing vs 3D). Today most parts cannot be described without 3D and manufacturing preparation can be made more efficient with 3D and enhance possibilities of early cross-functional interactions.

Scania CV AB is one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy vehicles and engines for industrial and marine use. Scania has a constant need to streamline its processes and methods in order to be continuously competitive and profitable.

Degree project is an excellent way to get closer contact with Scania and build relationships and knowledge for the future. Many of today's employees started the Scania career with their degree project.



  • clarify the current situation, business benefits, opportunities/limitations and to propose and highlight various possible solution options - both for purchasing different roles and our suppliers/manufacturers
  • describe the necessary change activities with a introduction of a model-based approach and clarify how we can utilise the benefits in the area - what can we gain from the supplier collaboration, co-invention, quality, commercial, cost, time and time-to-market
  • start an inventory to understand a number of external suppliers opportunities and maturity to work without drawings

    Education / Specialization: MSc or equivalent. The thesis work is aimed at students with knowledge corresponding to the specializations, such as Integrated Product Development and Industrial Economics or equal.

    Number of students: 2, Start date for ex-job: September 2019
  • Estimated time: 20 weeks (30 credits). Single application or in pairs.
  • Contacts and Tutorials:
    Kent Johansson, RTA, Business Development R&D, 08-553 83352, Application: Your application must include CV, personal letter and grades

Application: Your application must include CV, personal letter and grades

Scania är en världsledande leverantör av transportlösningar. Tillsammans med våra partners och kunder leder vi övergången till ett hållbart transportsystem. Under 2017 levererade vi 82 500 lastbilar, 8 300 bussar samt 8 500 industri- och marinmotorer till våra kunder. Vi omsatte närmare 120 miljarder kronor, varav 20 procent utgjordes av servicerelaterade tjänster. Scania grundades 1891 och finns idag representerat i mer än 100 länder, och har drygt 49 000 medarbetare. Forskning och utveckling är koncentrerad till Sverige, med filialer i Brasilien och Indien. Produktion sker i Europa, Latinamerika och Asien, med regionala produktcentra i Afrika, Asien och Eurasien. Scania ingår i Traton Group. För ytterligare information, besök

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