30 credits - Steering control during µ-split braking for autonomous heavy vehicles

Sodertalje, Stockholm
den 17 september 2019
den 22 november 2019
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Carrying out a thesis project at Scania is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project within the company.

Autonomous driving of heavy vehicles imposes new challenges when it comes to the handling of critical dynamic driving situations. One example is when braking with a significant difference in friction between the left and right wheels (µ-split). In this case, a yaw torque is generated on the vehicle due to the difference in brake force between the sides. To not jeopardize vehicle stability the brake system ensures that the yaw torque is not too high, but to ensure efficient braking a limited amount of torque is allowed as the brake system tries to utilize the higher friction on the one side of the vehicle. To maintain desired vehicle direction this yaw torque needs to be compensated for by properly balanced counter steering. This is usually handled by the driver who can quickly detect that the vehicle is about to change direction and react using the steering wheel. However, in an autonomous vehicle, this has to be performed using steering actuators controlled by the autonomous driving controller based on sensor inputs.

The project assignment is to elaborate on how to control steering actuators in autonomous heavy vehicles to handle the yaw torque that is generated on the vehicle during µ-split braking. This includes developing an algorithm to detect µ-split situations and designing a robust controller able to handle such situations using available sensors and actuators in autonomous vehicles.

The project will require a theoretical survey of applicable methods, data processing and analysis, programming prototype software, and, if possible, vehicle testing.

Preferred experience and competence of applicants:
  • Mechanical engineering, applied physics, electrical engineering, vehicle engineering, or similar.
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Signal processing
  • Control theory
  • Scripting/programming (e.g. MATLAB)

Number of students: 2
Start date: January-February 2020
Estimated time needed: 20 weeks

Contact person
Linus Flodin, 08-553 71405
Enclose CV, personal letter, and school-leaving certificate. If you are applying in pairs, send in separate personal applications in which you state your preferred colleague. Selections will be made throughout the application period.

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